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March 19, 2019, 03:55:20 AM
News: Bragg and the 12 win the MINT '400'

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Author Topic: Pit Safety  (Read 1084 times)

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We all see videos on FB or YouTube like this where we all need to be extra sure even when we are in a hurry... Who else can contribute to issues they have experienced where we are "lucky" no one was hurt ...

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Saw that video the other day...gave me chills!!! I was in Pit A and there was another UTV fire from fueling, luckily they had at least 3-4 fire extinguishers and got it out quickly. Guess What I learned was you can never have enough fire extinguishers and no matter what the situation at a race, never climb under a truck up on a jack with the tires off....which I must admit, I am guilty of when in the heat of the moment!
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I have the big wheel pro eagle, I love the jack its fantastic but we have caught it a few times rolling on us. the angle is pushing the jack backwards and causing the diff to slide off. We are now making sure the jack is at a sharp angle from the direction of truck, almost perpendicular. The handle gets in the way a bit but better then having it slide off. Not sure if thats what happened here but looks to be the same situation. If pro eagle added a lock to the wheel when the plate is jacked up that would fix the issue. Safety is key no matter what equipment or who is using it.
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