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October 23, 2018, 04:56:00 PM
News: Greg Bragg and the 12 grabbs his 5th consecutive podium and first class win! Congrats Greg and the GB Racing Team!

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General Discussion / Re: 2018 Baja 1000
« Last post by 43mod on September 07, 2018, 06:21:37 AM »
from the time I crossed the border to returning over the border I spent $22k in Mexico in 2014.  I brought down at least $350k in equipment. This deal is very legit.
Need to get it out on RDC and beyond .   
General Discussion / 2018 Baja 1000
« Last post by Jason Cobb on September 06, 2018, 09:02:56 AM »
TrophyLite is proud to announce that we will offer a fantastic package for this years Baja 1000 to TrophyLite teams. So many of you have asked me about the race and participating in it so we put this program together so that you can team up with other TrophyLite owners in our trucks. This is what we offer:

* TrophyLite will supply the trucks, fully prepped and and ready to race
* TrophyLite will supply the chase teams and pitting
* TrophyLite will supply the hotels (1 per driver)
* TrophyLite will supply the entry fees
* TrophyLite will supply the race fuel 
* TrophyLite will supply the SCORE memberships for each driver
* TrophyLite will supply the post race prep (damages above normal wear and tear not included in package)
* TrophyLite will supply GPS course notes from a full prerun
* 3 drivers per team
* $10,000 per driver
* You use your co-driver

You can't race Baja any cheaper! Build your team or let us put you with a team. We have 9 spots available so RSVP today!   
General Discussion / Re: 2018 Vegas to Reno - Team Stories!
« Last post by John - Wild Powersports on September 05, 2018, 03:29:25 PM »
The race recap / race footage video for 6013 is up on our team page!  Everyone check it out:

The 6013 team page:
General Discussion / Re: 2018 Vegas to Reno - Team Stories!
« Last post by Gene Addison on September 03, 2018, 05:39:25 AM »
Thanks for sharing your race adventure John! Guess it went pretty smooth for everyone else?
Tech Talk / Re: Vapor Lock EXACT setup here
« Last post by John - Wild Powersports on August 29, 2018, 02:35:15 PM »
Thanks Gene and everyone thats helped with all the advice and calls!

We took it pretty easy at V2R.....took a 10 min break at Pit 3, had slow pits, my getting sick and yacking at pit 7....

Without that I think we would have shaved about 1+ hour off our finish we are looking good!

Tech Talk / Re: Vapor Lock EXACT setup here
« Last post by Gene Addison on August 25, 2018, 12:36:38 PM »
Thanks for sharing John and congrats at v2r!
Tech Talk / Vapor Lock EXACT setup here
« Last post by John - Wild Powersports on August 23, 2018, 02:11:46 PM »
We struggled with vapor lock, or whatever it is that causes that issue we have all had.  Thanks to Louis and everyone on here, i built my fuel system and have finally no issues.  It was quite a bit of work and I feel like I should own stock in an AN fitting company with all the fittings I bought.  Here is the exact setup, once and for one place for anyone that has issues....we know this works!

Fuel: 50/50 AV Gas and 91 ethanol free.  I never listened before, and tried to run pure 91.  Don't do it.  Run AV or Race fuel at a 50/50 ratio.

Fuel Lines:  Stainless braided, covered with fire shield.  Lines DO NOT go through the tunnel....this is key.

Fuel pressure regulator:  Mounted on the REAR of the truck. (NOT UNDER THE HOOD).

In Tank pickup, 2 separate holly hydromats (Cheapest ones.....they are small).

Drilled 2 holes low in the side of the tank, used -10 bulkhead fittings and those washers with built in O ring to seal them on both sides.

From the tank each of the lines goes:

Bulkhead:   10AN
                  10AN  63 micron stainless filter:  AFCO Racing Inline Fuel Filters 84020-10
                  10AN   Bosch 044 pump with check valve (Call  Exit of pump has 6AN.

At this point the 2 lines go into a peterson fluid system "Y" 6AN.  Its $120, but its the only "Y" that the lines come out straight, rather than angled.

Single line of the Y goes into a 10 micron Allstar Performance Inline Aluminum Fuel Filters ALL40216 (Its AN8, so you will need to drop it to 6AN on both sides)

From this point its 6AN.

This then goes into the regulator.

From the regulator its simply 6AN to the fuel rail.  Fuel rail returns back to the regulator and the regulator return goes back to the tank.  All 6AN.

I hope this post helps other wish issues!  Now that its all in one post, in one place, and we know this works.....


General Discussion / Re: 2018 Vegas to Reno - Team Stories!
« Last post by John - Wild Powersports on August 23, 2018, 01:49:18 PM »
Russ, 5 flats!  Wow!

Well, heres our story:

V2R started for us about a week before the race when we arrived in Vegas.  First thing we headed over to wiks and got the truck dynoed.  We had ZERO testing on the new motor and wanted to do that before we did anything.  Wiks got everything close, then boom....power outage at wiks!  The power outage took out a few blocks and would take the power company days to fix.

Knowing we were close on tuning, we headed out and tested the truck for a bit, everything seemed fine except a vibration issue that started around 35 mph.  We were running the awesome CD7 digital gauge display and used the time to get baselines on whats normal and whats not.

Jason had gears coming to us, but due to shipping errors they were delayed.  So, we enjoyed some fun time in the pool, and ripping around vegas on the coolers...always a good time.  If you dont have one you NEED a cooler.  We have so much fun on them when we head to the races.  We had nothing to do for about 4 days so ... we had some fun.

After a few cooler crashes by my co-driver (VERY FUNNY except for the high speed one!), our gears came in.  This was the day before contingency.  We headed over to Vegas 4x4 to have him swap the gears in the 3rd member.  (  These guys KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!  They do gear swaps daily and were super helpful to us and gave us a good deal on the work.   What wasnt fun is swaping the 3rd member in the parking lot outside their building.  It was so hot, if you left a wrench in the sun, you had to drop it in a bucket of water just to be able to touch it!  We got the 3rd member in thanks to my amazing crew.

That night we headed out to test.  The new gear worked great but we still had that bad vibration.  Connor, the leader of my crew, suggested it was a driveshaft issue.  Swapped the shaft....and that was it!  Vibration just about gone.  Tested for a few hours, got lost and had to drive the TL down the highway to get back.  Fun time!

Headed to contingency the next day....this was a great time for us.  We had one of our own (Hope) working the booth for STEEL-IT, and we were right next to them.  We got the truck checked up, tore down our booth...and went to bed.

Race Day.  We get to the start of the race and are ready to go.  Unload the race truck, fill the tank.  All is good, then we realize the return line in the filler neck is leaking BAD.  We had disturbed the fitting when doing the fuel system.  Tried some teflon tape to fix good.  Race was starting in an hour!  Fix was simple.  Cap the fitting and feed the return into a leftover fitting on the tank.  Worked perfect.  No leaks.

Start out #1...leave the line and we are all good.  Cautiously we stopped at pit one for a splash of fuel, which we later figured out we didnt need to.  A few trucks passed us there.  At this time we realized our tracker wasnt working at all.

Run hard to pit 3.  Truck was good but we wanted food badly.  We jumped out for about 10 mins to check the truck and eat.  This was really the first daytime test of the truck at race speeds so we figured take the time rather than cost us a DNF.   Truck was fine!  Nothing wrong!  But eating a entire sandwich in less than 5 minutes would prove to be a mistake later on.

Somewhere after pit 5 we got into some dust and slowed down to around 20 mph...a 10 car came up and hit us pretty hard.  Wasent anyone's fault...We both creeped along for a second stunned, then continued.  Due to the placement of the spare we had ZERO damage! 

About 30 miles before pit 7 that sandwich i ate was getting to me.  I had been in the truck 7 hours straight.  I had a very bad headache and was about to be sick, so i pulled off for about 10 mins to try to relax.  Got back in and headed to pit 8....never made it there.  Started throwing up at pit 7 and called the team to run back and have my backup driver Gary Hull "Get it there Gary" jump in.   

Gary got in and took the wheel while i relaxed in the chase truck and let my stomach settle.

I got back in the truck at pit 13 and took it to the finish.  Man those last miles seemed more like King of the Hammers than desert racing!  Crossed the finish line in 5th! 

Had a great time.  My team did so much, they made this all happen!

Also, I should note we FINALLY had no Vapor lock / whatever it is, issues at all.  Im going to post my EXACT fuel system setup in the tech area.

General Discussion / Re: 2018 Vegas to Reno - Team Stories!
« Last post by 43mod on August 20, 2018, 07:21:03 PM »
Ricky you need to ask Andrea sometime about the 5 flat crash down by your house.  Lets just say it was eventful .
General Discussion / Re: 2018 Vegas to Reno - Team Stories!
« Last post by Gene Addison on August 20, 2018, 02:49:13 PM »
3-Flats at 1 time??? wow, I never heard of that before. How did that happen?

I don't know! We need to hear from the 6088 team. Did Todd experience that once at V2R maybe on the skinny BFGs?
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