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November 30, 2021, 01:58:21 PM
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Author Topic: 2019 TL Class Champ  (Read 2579 times)

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Congratulations to Travis Williams on the 2019 Championship! Chris Wardle snags 2nd place in the points and Greg Bragg picks up 3rd. Thanks to everyone who comes out and makes this series as fun as it is. 2020 is looking very promising, Jason and TrophyLite crew are working hard to make it very exciting.

Top 5 Points Getters: *Denotes DNF
6077 Williams  - 584 - 1st,   2nd,   3rd,   1st,   1st,   2nd
6003 Wardle    - 477 - 5th,   7th*,  4th,   7th,   3rd,   5th
6012 Bragg     - 433 - 10th*, 1st,   7th*,  3rd,   5th,   3rd
6021 Hawkins   - 417 - 4th,   10th*, 6th,   5th,   8th*,  6th
6063 Fitos     - 371 - 11th*, 9th*,  5th    8th*,  6th,   4th

Regional Series wraps up at Rage at the River December 13-15th in Laughlin. Mozden is leading the points over Rossi and Wardle and could have the championship wrapped up with a finish! Stay tuned. 


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