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November 19, 2019, 04:17:29 PM
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December 13-15

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Author Topic: GB Racing 6012: One Year with TrophyLite!  (Read 1573 times)


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GB12 Forever in our Hearts & in the Truck
We started with Vegas to Reno in 2016 and made it to every race for a year including another V2R. We are pretty proud of that but hope to have worked out most of the bugs and wiped off all the cobwebs to give everyone everything we've got and then some. Thank you to the TrophyLite Family for making this worth sticking with! GB Racing 6012...

Greg and Lori started this thing out of the love for their kids and a love of racing. Greg grew up racing off-road with his dad, JM, and brother, Mike, in a class 3 Jeep. Lori grew up racing quarter midgets and her dad's Jeep in the dunes. Lori introduced Greg to oval track racing and since 1989 Greg has been racking up a pretty impressively extensive resume beginning with micros and leading to midgets, non-wing 410 sprint cars, and everything in between all as he and his brother continued to run an occasional off-race with a class 8 truck.

Putting their kids in the seat was always something Greg and Lori wanted to do. Kaitee, Jaymee, and Garrett wanted the same thing. Garrett passed away in 2014 at the age of 17. In order to help their family heal and find peace they returned to a dream they had all shared, racing in the desert dirt. Daughter, Kaitee, married Nick, an oval track driver, who is quickly converting to the roughness of off-road. Today our TrophyLite truck runs with its signature Carolina Blue 6012 on bright red. Carolina Blue was one of Garrett’s favorite colors while playing football and 12 was the last number he wore in baseball. Garrett drove a beautiful red truck and loved it. We're doing the same, wearing a Carolina Blue number 12 and driving a sweet red truck. We know that GB, Garrett Bragg, is up there loving what we are doing.

With amazing friends and some pretty cool family, who give all the help they can, together we are GB Racing 6012, Racing the 12 Garrett.
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6012 Racing the 12 for Garrett

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Tough to read, I couldn't even imagine and hope I never have to go through a loss like that! Wearing the #12 in remembrance of your son hits home, Baseball is my sons passion too and he has his number 44 that he wears proudly! You and I have talked several times and you are a true good hearted stand up guy.....I am sure Garrett was the same way! I cant wait to race against you again and now when I see you on the course I wont be thinking "there's Greg!"....I'll be thinking "there is Garrett and Greg"!

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We are very lucky to have Greg Bragg and family racing with TrophyLite. They are the most kind people and an inspiration to all who have lost a loved one. Now watch out because Greg actually found what was wrong with his truck and he will be in the hunt.
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Thank you for sharing your story. I can’t think of anything worse than a loss of a child. Your perseverance is inspiring. I look forward to meeting your team. I would love to talk sprint cars with you one day! Mike
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